1. EXPERIENCE COUNTS: Ask the catering company how long they have been in business.

    Ceruti’s Catering & Banquet Services has been in business for over 50 years.

  2. COMPETENCY: Ask the caterer their experience level and background they have with your size and type of event.

    Ceruti’s has extensive and broad experience with all types of corporate events from 5 to 5000 guests.

  3. FOOD QUALITY: Does the catering company have a chef with a culinary education? From what institution did he/she graduate?

    Chef John Ceruti has been the executive chef for over 10 years at Ceruti’s and graduated from Purdue University with a BS degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and also has an AOS degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

  4. CREDIBILITY: What type of permits and insurance does the prospective caterer maintain?

    Ceruti’s maintains all necessary permits to provide food and alcoholic beverages in each county we cater. We also have general and liquor liability insurance umbrella of $3,000,000.

  5. REFERENCES: Make sure that you ask for references with names and phone numbers.

    Ceruti’s will be happy to provide a list of references upon your request.

  6. APPLES TO APPLES: Request the caterer you are interviewing for a proposal in writing with pricing and services. Ask for the same menu to be quoted so that you may compare on an apple to apple basis.

    Ceruti’s always puts everything in writing with guaranteed prices.

  7. STYLE: Ask the caterer to describe the dress attire of their service staff.
  8. SPEED: What is the banquet server to guest ratio for your type of event? How many buffets will be set-up?
  9. CLEANLINESS: Ask if you may take a tour of the prospective caterer’s facilities including the kitchen.

    Ceruti’s is very proud of our new state of the art facility and would be happy to schedule a tour at your convenience.

  10. EMBARRASSMENT: Discuss with your caterer the portion sizes and amounts of food that will be served at your event. Provide a profile of the type of people you wish to serve, such as if the group is all male heavy eaters.
  11. GET IT IN WRITING: Once you have decided on a caterer, ask for a contract that includes: Date, time, location, hours of service, equipment included, number of guests, the total price including all fee and taxes, and the date that you are required to give a minimum guaranteed guest count.
  12. PROFESSIONALISM: Are you engaging a professional catering company, or is the company/person doing catering on a part time basis out of their home or restaurant.